Brown Paper Board Series Eleganza

Board Series

A lot of people ask me this question. Why should I make brown paper board?

And, I’m here to tell you 3 reasons why brown paper board should be your new go-to way of easy entertaining.

  1. It’s a visual centerpiece to feast your eyes.

  2. It’s easily customizable!

  3. The set-up and clean-up couldn’t be easier.

Here are different board ideas that will inspire you!

Party Planning 101

Party Planning Guide (1).jpg

People are always asking me how I can pull off all my catering events - I always have one answer for them - ORGANIZATION!! Being organized is the way to a successful soirée. Entertaining should never be a hassle, it should always be fun and inviting. Your guests know when you are stressed out, so make sure you are enjoying your party!

After many years of catering and hosting dinner parties, I have come up with this foolproof guide on how to plan a successful party!

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